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  • What is your hourly rate?
    My hourly rate is in line with the market. Not high, not too low and fair in relation to talent, portfolio, studies and experience. For information, see for example: https:/ /,%20depends%20of%20the%20activities Or at /business-services/hourly rate-graphic designer Google can tell you a lot about the average prices of a designer. Of course it depends on the size, complexity and platform of the assignment. Feel free to contact us!
  • What about your images and photography rights?
    You can share everything on social media etc. and I hope you mention me, because it's my work ;) Copyright is on it via the Adobe export program. It goes without saying that intellectual property is not something to copy, to trace.
  • What about materials?
    Part of it is the answer to that question. I like it when a camera is available for film and photography assignments. Adobe package, laptop etc. I have myself.
  • What are frequently asked questions?
    Questions that many people ask ;) A pre-programmed answer so you don't have to wait for an email!
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